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Woocommerce 3.8 is live with minor new features and this version represents a move toward, small stable, and more frequent Woocommerce release.

WooCommerce 3.8 was released last week and it brings deeper integration with their new Block Editor. While WooCommerce already provided the option to use a Featured Category, Featured Product, and Best Selling Category blocks, for instance, this version added three more blocks.

One of the biggest reasons for the success of WooCommerce is the releases that add to the stability and performance of the eCommerce platform. Every year Automatic releases a WooCommerce version with some new features and updates.

Here Are Some new features of WooCommerce 3.8

WooCommerce Blocks

This version of WooCommerce ships with a new suite of product blocks, including:
  • Reviews by Product
  • Reviews by Category
  • All Reviews
  • Product Search

These blocks have been added to their eCommerce-focused collection under WooCommerce in the Block Editor, which has been part of WordPress since 5.0, aka Gutenberg.

WordPress & PHP Version

Note that there is no change in WordPress and PHP requirements for this version.

WooCommerce developer is planning a minimum of PHP 7.0 WordPress 5.0 support for its next release, so in case you’re on an older version of WordPress or PHP, you’ll start seeing a prompt to upgrade.

Before You Upgrade

This goes without saying, but before you upgrade to the latest and greatest WooCommerce 3.8, make sure you have a backup in place. Also, you can test the new version on a staging site before taking it to live to avoid possible mishaps.

You still have a month or two to do that because of the next release of WooCommerce is set for a January 2020 release.
Beyond these enhancements, the release also contains new hooks and a few tweaks and fixes, all of which are detailed in the ReadMe.

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