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Change or retrieve your wordpress password

By February 13, 2015November 23rd, 2019No Comments

I want to give you some guideline to change your password in wordpress and if you lost your password than retrieve your password by Email.

To Change Your Password in wordpress:-

This following point help you to change your password in wordpress.

  • In the Admin Panel menu, go to USERS
  • Click on your username in the list to edit
  • In the Edit User screen, scroll down to the New Password section and type in a new password in the two boxes provided. The strength box will show how good (strong) your password is.
  • Click the UPDATE PROFILE button

Your new password takes effect immediately.

To get new password through the automatic Email:-

If you know your username and the email account in your profile, you can use the “lost password” feature of WordPress.

  • Go to your WordPress Login page.
  • Click on lost password
  • You will be taken to a page to put in some details. Enter your user name and the email address on file for that account.
  • Wait your new password is emailed to you.
  • Once you get your new password, login and change it to something you can remember on your profile page.