Golfer’s CBD is leading the way in golf-specific CBD product development. It works with a team of professional players to formulate new CBD products, to test the effect of other cannabinoids, and capture data on athletic performance, recovery time, and sleep patterns measured with devices such as Whoop and Fitbit.

Golfer’s CBD was founded in 2019 by Andy Dixon and Simon Bale. We are an independent company dedicated to improving professional and amateur golfer’s performance by using CBD.

Inspired by our own experience of CBD, the effect on our golf game, and overall well-being, we work with the UK’s leading manufacturer to formulate a range of CBD products specifically for the needs of golfers.

Technology used

Training & Support

We have provided 100+ hours of training to the customer on the how-to of the website, products, category, order, SEO approach, etc. And we are providing continuous priority support to any and all queries of the customer with respect to the site and future suggestions.