Cargo Match Maker offers clients visibility and tracking technology designed to manage project freight. CargoMatchMaker has managed flatbed, power only and dry van shipments all over North America for over seven years and consistently delivers on time and within budget. Cargo Match Maker is reliable to understand how to protect customer products. They provide professional drivers and doing a good job communicating throughout the entire process.

Their site is an informative website to showcase and promote their services. The site is developed using WordPress with a starter theme called _s ( Developed by WordPress Team ).

The website is been hosted and managed by us on a Linux based cloud platform.

Challenges, Solutions & Approach

Cargo Match Maker had a simple approach in their design and content placement, The website is still work-in-progress. But as they suggested we deployed the website to the production server.

Here are some of the key challenges we faced with the development and customization of the website.

Customized Design Layout

Keeping in mind their minimalistic approach and content availability, we used the _s theme and create the website. We have created a custom banner to showcase their visibility, capacity, and relationship.

Technology used

  • WordPress
  • _s – WordPress Starter Theme
  • Bootstrap 4 – CSS Framework
  • Linux based Cloud Server
  • Custom SMTP Solution

Training & Support

We have provided 10+ hours of training to them on the how-to of the website and content management, SEO approach, etc. And we are providing continuous priority support to any and all queries of the customer with respect to the site and future suggestions.

Budget Range & Time

The website and it’s associated tools have been integrated and are still maintained & Supported by us.

  • Time: 1+ Months (Initial Release)
  • Budget: $1000+