Amrita Sen is an artist, musician, and storyteller. The Amrita Sen Textile and Print Collection are inspired by the illustrated books that Amrita has published over the last 10 years. Her site is the web front store for selling her unique and artistic collections, she designs herself. Each and every design is created by herself and the products are the results of her creativity.

The site is developed using the WordPress (Woocommerce) with a creative pre-built theme design along with the many customizations we did for her website. There are many core and custom features integrated customized by us using our core strength and 3rd party plugins.

The website is been hosted and managed by us on a Linux based cloud platform.

Challenges, Solutions & Approach

Amrita Sen has a view of the artistic and creative approach, she wanted the website to be designed to display her persona. Her wide range of products in different categories required a different approach.

Here are some of the key challenges we faced with the development and customization of the woocommerce based website

Customized Design Layout

Though we have used a pre-built theme design layout for her site, the overall look and feel of the site needed to be different, thus, we created the child-theme to extend its design and layout.

Taking the artistic approach towards the look and feel suggested by her, we used the number of fonts, layout, and tools.

Custom Shipping Methods & Zones

The shipping in each country has a complex rating and delivery system based on the volume and size of the parcel, the same is the case for “Amrita Sen”.

We have created multiple shipping zones, based on the postcodes, some included restrictions, some included different table rate shipping and some included different flat rates.

For each shipping zone, there are different sets of a flat rate, table rate or free shipping.

Product Types & Relation

Amrita Sen’s website is using multiple product types ( grouped product and simple products) and using the up-sell and cross-sell feature.

Product Collections

Amrita Sen promotes and sells multiple product collections, one of the notable is “The Empress Collections”, she wanted to merge all the products together in a single view and allow her customers to browse through the products from a single screen. Thus, we implemented the “Collection” features, wherein she can mark the nodes and assign products in a single image view.

Other Core Integrations / Customizations

There are loads of integrations and customizations been done on the site for flawless order placement to order fulfillment, marketing approach, accessibility, usability, search engine optimization and more. Here are some quick points to note.

  • Lookbook Integration
  • Ajax Add-to-cart Sidebar view
  • Custom Wishlist
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Custom mail template and server setup
  • Newsletter Integration
  • Cache Integration

Training & Support

We have provided 30+ hours of training to her and her team on the how-to of the website, products, category, order, SEO approach, etc. And we are providing continuous priority support to any and all queries of the customer with respect to the site and future suggestions.

Technology used

Budget Range & Time

The website and it’s associated tools have been integrated and are still maintained & Supported by us.

  • Time: 2+ Months (Initial Release)
  • Budget: $2000+